Outcomes of Supported Employment

Our stated Mission is “to provide services for people with disabilities in employment related areas”. To support this mission, we employ skilled Training Officers and Welfare Officers to provide or organise additional training and support for Supported Employees, that is, employees who have a disability. This enables supported employees to optimise their work potential and personal skills, and for those wishing to do so, helps them to prepare and move into open employment. To achieve this mission, we measure (quarterly) outcomes related to the delivering of services. To this end we have developed a range of Activity Performance Indicators (API’s) to monitor our progress. Some of these APIs are required by the Commonwealth Government.

As at 30 September 2019 (quarterly reporting)

Performance Indicator Description

Average number of hours worked per week by Supported Employees.

Sep-19 hours

Target       26 Hours

% of Supported Employee who have achieved training goals in their Individual Employment Plans (IEPs).

Sep-19 Goals

Target     100%

% of Supported Employees who met their skills attainment plan.

Sep-19 Skills

Target    100%

% Supported Employees who have started or attained an Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF).

Sep-19 AQF

Target   20%