Art Unions

Note To All Supporters:

Thank you for being a supporter of our Art Unions. These Art Unions are Access Industries for the Disabled’s only fundraising event which we have been conducting for over 70 years. All funds received go to support our employees with disabilities.

We very much appreciate all the support from our valued customers over the years. Today we drew Art Union 214 to the pleasure of today’s three lucky prize winners.

However, due to the current challenges which we are all experiencing with the COVID-19, we will be postponing our next Art Union which will commence on Monday 18th January 2021, with the draw on Wednesday 12th May 2021.

From the Art Union staff at Access Industries for the Disabled, we trust you are coping in these difficult times are hoping that you will continue your valuable and generous support when we return.

Thanking you

Sharon Wilmann
Art Union Promoter

Access Industries for the Disabled Ltd.
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