2016 Presidents’ Award

These annual awards are made in memory of past Presidents of Access Industries. Nominations are received from all Company employees and staff. Nominees are adjudged to have achieved significant self-improvement or to have performed a meritorious act or acts during the calendar year.
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Election for President

After counting of votes by a representative from our Auditors, EY, Marilyn Robinson was elected as President of Access Industries for the Disabled Limited for a three (3) year term, commencing 24 June, 2016.
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The 1st of April

On 1 April 1949, a group of eight physically disabled people met in the home of Dr Colbran in Earlwood to form an organisation to provide support and assistance for people with disabilities who were ineligible for repatriation benefits. This was the beginning of Access Industries. On 1 April 2016, Access Industries members passed a special resolution to…
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