The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)


What is NDIS?

The NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) is a new way of providing support for people with permanent and significant disabilities, their family and carers. The NDIS provides an individualised, flexible and whole-person approach to support to help participants achieve their life goals.

NDIS also gives participants more choice around the supports they receive and greater access to a variety of services to meet individual needs and goals.

Who can access the NDIS?

The NDIS was developed for people with a permanent and significant disability which impacts on their daily activities. There are other eligibility criteria to access NDIS such as the receiving the DSP, for more information on eligibly please use NDIS Access Check List.

When can I access NDIS?

The NDIS was launched in the Hunter Region in 2013 (includes our Newcastle Division) and is progressively rolled out throughout NSW, with all eligible NDIS participants accessing the scheme by July 2018. From 1st July 2016 various sites across NSW will start to transition to the NDIS. You can be stay informed by following the NDIS website.

Do I need to be registered with NDIS to work for Access Industries?

During the roll-out period for NDIS (now until 2018) you may need to be registered with NDIS and have employment support as an item in your NDIS plan to join Access Industries. This will be determined on where you live. Please Contact Access Industries or check NDIS website if you live in an area where NDIS is provided.

If you are not in an NDIS area you can Contact Us for more information and see How do I become an employee of Access Industries?

What Supports will Access Industries provide under NDIS?

Supports that Access Industries is registered to provide NDIS participants:

  • Employment
  • Coordinating supports
  • Work Experience

How can Access Industries help?

Access Industries can provide you with information and support to help you access the NDIS and put you in contact with your local National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) office.

Access Industries can meet with you and explain the services we provide under the NDIS. Please contact Access Industries if you would like more information.

What happens when I am eligible for NDIS?

Once you are deemed eligible for the NDIS the planning and assessment process will start. You will meet with a planner who will work with you to develop a plan of supports to help you achieve your goals. To help you prepare for your meeting, NDIS has developed a Getting Plan Ready from to help get you think about what supports you would like in your plan.

You can have a parent, friend or advocate with you to make sure you get the supports you need and want in your plan. If one of your goals is employment, make sure you tell your NDIS planner so it can be included in your plan and you can access the right employment service for you.

How do I make sure I receive the supports in my plan?

If you do not want to manage your own plan, you can appoint a person to make sure you access all of the supports approved in your plan. This person can contact services for you and make sure you get the most out of your approved plan.

If you want help managing your support please Contact Us.