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Access Industries is a not for profit registered charity that has been in operation for more than 65 years. Our mission is to provide employment opportunities for people with disabilities, through direct employment in one of our factory divisions located at Seven Hills, Erskine Park, Horsley Park, Newcastle and Lithgow.   More…

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What is Supported Employment?

Supported Employment refers to employment settings that provide employment opportunities for people with disabilities who either cannot or find it difficult to work in the open employment market.
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  • Brownyn
    Brownyn, Supported employee since 1982

    I have worked at Access for 34 years. I really like coming to work and it is good to have somewhere to go each day. I do... Brownyn Supported employee since 1982

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  • Judy
    Judy, Supported employee since 1983

    I have been working at Access for 33 years. I really like working with the people there and many of them have become my friends. I do... Judy Supported employee since 1983

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  • Karen F
    Karen, Supported employee at Seven Hills

    The Leading Hands are really helpful. They show me how to do things. I like the Social Club activities where we go on bus trips. I like... Karen Supported employee at Seven Hills

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